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1. Family Ties

In MDA 16: 14 rue René Boylesve, 75016 Paris
Presenter: Geneviève Mansion Mail:Genevieve.mansion@wanadoo.fr
The group is centred on the evolution of our ties with our descendants while we are aging. Some subtle changes settle with an increasing distance for different reasons: a desire for self- protection, a wish to avoid saying what might touch or hurt? In our generation we do not want to be a burden on the following generation nor be pressed on. We want to be present, attentive...but independent. Sometimes closer, sometimes more distant, our interests are divergent: our relationships fluctuate and have to be continuously
re-invented with kindness, even if they may happen to harm us! It is the desire to continue to weave ties which makes us creative.


2. Current Issues

In MDA7:4, Rue Amélie 75007 Paris
Presenters: Claude Jeannest and Gilles Brac de la Perrière
Mails : claude.jeannest@orange.fr and
Our project is to deepen our views on burning issues chosen by the group at the preceding workshop. First a short presentation fosters the debate and lively exchanges, enabling us to go more deeply into the subject. Some questions treated in 2012: Arab Revolutions, the Euro, the future of European institutions, euthanasia. Some documentary references are given by the presenters.


3. Ageing is difficult

In MDA7: 4, Rue Amélie 75007 Paris
Presenters: André Desplan and Marie-Françoise Fuchs
Mails :
andre.desplan@orange.fr mff@old-up.eu
Our object is to share experiences of everyday life, so we are not alone to cope with the difficulties of ageing.
We talk about our delights and our pains, which involves smiles and humour to face small and great worries. Our exchanges are both deep and creative.
The themes to be debated are proposed before each workshop.
Examples: organizing holidays with or without the family, losing some of our capacities, progressive deafness, walking, visiting distant or ill friends, exploring the mysteries of memory and the reasons for unexpected tiredness.


4. The sense of my life

In MDA 6: 60 Rue Saint André des Arts 75006 Paris
Presenter :Marie-Thérèse Lunven Mail : bernardlunven@orange.fr
The central idea of this workshop is that, in this world where death is ignored, to prepare our death is the best way to live better. To consent to die, to accept death, that is to reduce , even suppress, our fears. So we are free, autonomous, able to enjoy every moment and we come to deal with themes like solitude, loneliness, our fears and our hopes.


5. To Live and to Die

In MDA 6: 60 Rue Saint André des Arts 75006 Paris 

Presenter : Nancy de la Perrière Mail : nlp @wanadoo.fr

Free and pleased to have the opportunity to deal with personal subjects which are not easily tackled in other places. All the members lend a sympathetic ear to the others and can speak in turns. The issue to be treated in the following workshop is chosen by common agreement. Some themes which have been treated: Do we have to prune the past to live better? What and why? The line of life we plan to follow, our sources of satisfactions and discoveries...In fact our topics are rather centred on how to live better than on dying.


6. Time builds us

In MDA 8: 23, Rue Vernet 75008 Paris
Presenters: Nancy de la Perrière and Laure Brandt
Mails :
nlp@wanadoo.fr and laurebrandt@wanadoo.fr
The participants wonder about what marks the passage of time. Our own experiences through presence, absence, repetition mark the stages of time and give a direction, whether they concern events or persons.
Sharing our memories, including those of sensorial or emotional perceptions, can increase our sense of being alive. We also think of the future and exchange about the way we imagine our future!


7. Living in a couple as years go by

In MDA 7: 4, Rue Amélie 75007 Paris
Presenter: Marie-Claire Chain Mail:
About communication in the couple, both on practical questions and the issues of the end of life. Fusion, need for independence, rivalry about activities, successions...Evocation of what we keep secret, sharing or not our friends of yore.


8. Literary Club

In MDA 8: 23, Rue Vernet 75008 Paris
Presenter: Amicie de Balorre Mail:
amiciemarc@gmail.com To meet about books, to exchange, understand, explore...


9. The “Octo+” (over 80)

In MDA 7 : 4, Rue Amélie 75007 Paris
Presenter: Bernadette Aumont Mail:

We need to talk, try to find our specificity and define our identity so as to be recognized precious partners and essential social actors. The other generations and medias tend to speak of old people in terms of illness, medical treatments, social cost, and so as “objects” of care, rarely as “subjects” of interest who can still have a place in society. We agree with Old’Up’s views. This group is only for people over 80 who share our positions.


10. Living with illness

In MDA 7: 4, Rue Amélie 75007 Paris
Presenters: Nancy de la Perrière and MF Fuchs
Mails :
nlp@wanadoo.fr and mff@old-up.eu
Taking some time to meet, exchange, talk about what we experience and makes us suffer, all that opens a new view on time...Exchanges about our experience as a patient or a close support emotionally and practically involved in the situation.
How can we make that stage of life better for each person and let him/her free to express himself/herself ?



In MDA 14, 22 Rue Deparcieux, 75014
Presenter : Geneviève Dolivet Mail :
An open group of persons living alone and eager to find a place where they could talk about that situation, whether they have experienced it for a long time or just recently.
Debates with freedom of speech, humour and a distance which allows them to stay open while protecting their precious autonomy and freedom.


12. Zest for living

In la Maison communale 69, Rue Violet 75015 Paris
Presenter :Laure Brandt Mail : laurebrandt@wanadoo.fr
The zest for living is not automatic; we will try to find how such alchemy can operate, how we can have a positive attitude toward life in spite of evil in the world and in each of us. We will search for some keys to help us grow our zest for life.


13. Better hearing

In MDA 7 4, Rue Amélie 75007 Paris
Presenter: AndréVincent, Mail: andrevincent30@gmail.com
To go beyond that statement of fact « Ageing is difficult », we will try to find how to improve our hearing capacity when our ears are ageing. Our hearing-impaired friends – or those who are close to a hard of hearing person- are invited to tell us about their worries and expectations. Please join us and you will discover that you are not alone, some members of this workshop have gone through experiences which can be useful for you, and mutual help of hearing impaired people is possible.
We will all together prepare the programmes of the following sessions.


14. “ Habitat” Lodging

c/o MC Morinière 9, Rue Barbès code 1871 and C/O MF de Chabaneix (Tel 06 07 25 47 55)

Presenter : Marie-France de Chabaneix, Mail : mfdchabaneix@orange.fr

This commission aims to propose an Old’Up type of intergenerational lodging in groups based on participation to seniors capable of being responsible for their own lives and who do not want to live alone.


15. Cultural News

Address: MDA 12, 181 Rue Daumesnil 75012 Paris

Presenter: Silvia Ertzer, Mail: silvia.ertzer@orange.fr

Our monthly session aims to exchange information, make our members eager to go out, dare unexpected discoveries. Our group talks about the latest cultural news: films, shows, concerts, exhibitions. Each of us can quite freely give his (her) point of view, an opinion, a criticism, a comment. In order to deepen a matter, the central theme of the session has been prepared by one participant, this in-depth presentation is a stimulus for our exchanges.


16. Europe

In MDA 7 4, Rue Amélie 75007 Paris
Presenters : Anne-Marie Dumont and MF Fuchs
Mails :
amdumont2002@yahoo.fr mff@old-up.eu
To deepen and update our knowledge, take part in different actions, attend meetings and seminars working for Europe. Exchange information and do our best so as to develop citizens participation in social cultural actions supporting Europe. 


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